Assignments within Canvas that were redirecting to MyHRW to complete and students were unable to access the content.  

These are the causes of the issue and the current workaround 

Student clicks on the assignment in Canvas,
Canvas tries to open a new window to redirect to MyHRW.  This fails unless the student notices the blocked pop-up notification, clicks on it and allows pop-ups and redirects from our Canvas instance.. Even when students allows the pop-up, they have to refresh the page and it returns the error of "You cannot open the e-book because you are not logged on. Please log on and try again".  
 - Pop-up and redirect issue has been resolved by adding to be allowed for all Norris accounts
Student clicks on  MyHRW link in Clever to access the assignment
This successfully logs in the student to their account, however the portal does not show any assignments.  They land on a page with "My Subscriptions" heading and nothing listed under it.  
Current work around
Students will need to connect to MyHRW directly from Clever.  In the same browser instance, but separate tab, they can now launch the assignment from Canvas.  This will work as they are already logged into MyHrw and the credentials will be passed through in the browser.

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