How to find a student's SchoolNet username and password

First log in to SchoolNet. [link to article]

Once you're in Schoolnet follow these steps. (I know, there are a lot of steps. [11 of them]. Take an intermission, that's ok with me.)

  1. Hover your mouse arrow over Assessment Admin and a menu will appear.
  2. Click on Find a Test.
  3. Click on Grade Level drop down menu.For this example I'm going to be searching for Melissa Hourigan's 2nd grade class.
  4. Choose your grade level.
  5. Click on the Go button.A list of tests for your grade level should appear.
  6.  Click on any test (assuming they are the correct grade level). I chose Math Unit 7, because it was on top.
  7. Click on View Usernames.
  8. Click on this All Teachers drop down menu.
  9. Find your name in this full list of names.
  10. Click on the Search button.
  11. Click on your class Course / Section.You have your class's names and passwords!

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