How to AirPlay your computer to your Apple TV

Not all Apple computers can share their desktops to an Apple TV. They must be new enough to be compatible with the technology. As time goes by more and more of our's should be able to.

  1. The first step to sharing your desktop to an Apple TV is to look for this icon in your status bar in the top right.If you do not see this icon you will be unable to airplay. 
    • Either the machine is not new enough.
    • There is not an Apple TV in range (25 ft.~)
    • There is an Apple TV, but it is out of range (25 ft.~) and it is not on the same network as your computer.
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  3. Click on that icon to show Apple TVs available to AirPlay to.
  4. A list of Apple TVs you are able to connect to will appear.
  5. Click on the appropriate Apple TV you want to share your screen with.
  6. Now you should be connected. Your icon should turn blue: 
  7. Your screen should appear on the TV or projector connected to the Apple TV.How to disconnect your computer from AirPlay.
  1. click blue:
  2. Click disconnect [screenshot]

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