How do I change my password?

You might want to reset your password for any number of reasons. You might just want to update it, or maybe you lost it and had us reset it to a temporary password and you're resetting it.

  1. Open your web browser:
    (I'll be using Safari [the left one] in this example.)
  2. Click in the address bar. 

    (Make sure you clear out the address before you type the new one in. Some browsers will already be clear automatically when you open a new window.)

  3. Go to this website:

    (If you're on the web help guide you can just click on the link. [You might want to right click the link and 'Open Link in New Tab' to keep this window open while resetting your password.])

  4. On this page you will enter your user name and password. 

  5. First type in your username. It should be your FirstName.LastName (capitals are not necessary, I didn't capitalize mine).

  6. Next, type in your password. 

    If you lost your password then you probably just got a temporary password from us, use that. If you are just changing your password then you should know your current password.

  7. Once your name and password is typed in press the Login button

    1. If your password was just reset by us this window may pop up. It is asking if you want to save your password. That's up to you, but in this case you are probably here because you are going to change it to a new one in the next step. So, it's likely that you don't want to save this temporary one.
  8. You should now be at a similar looking page displaying your name.

  9. Type in the password you just used to log into this site in the field that says Old Password.

  10. Next, type in your new password.

  11. Type your new password in one more time to confirm it.

    1. This window may pop up again. This time you just entered your new password. Depending on what you want to do choose whether or not you want it to remember your password.
  12. You should end up at this page. It will tell you that you have successfully changed your password. Now you can use your new password to log in.

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