My student is unable to start a Benchmark test.

If your student keeps having to sign into a test over and over again and the website keeps defaulting back to the main log in window follow the instructions bellow. 
Go to settings> Safari> Block Pop-ups and make sure it is off (white = off, Green = on) 

Have the student go to the new benchmark icon labeled "BenchmarkNEW" 

(BenchmarkNEW is a link to so you can easily access the test website from safari or chrome web-browser)
Make sure, and this is key, the student "allows" pop ups when the iPad asks. 

If the this works you're done.
If the issue persists, read bellow. 
Go to settings> Safari> Block Pop-ups and  turn it on

And then turn it off 

The reason the issue persists after "Block Pop-ups" is turned off is because students accidentally press "disable". This disables Pearsons Benchmark from opening pop-ups and will only be enabled by resetting the "Block Pop-ups" feature on the iPad by turning it off and on again. 

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