Adding a printer option to your iPad (Read 1st!)

From the iPad Home screen place your finger in the middle without touching any of the Apps and swipe down.

A new screen will appear with a search bar in the top.  Type the words Self Service. The Self Service APP should appear bellow the search bar. Select the “Self Service” App.

Once inside the Self Service App you will see three rows of options. Look for the option titled “Printers”. Next scroll through the options by moving your finger back and forth. Look for your desired printer. Most Printers are numbered by POD. I.E. If you are room 17 at Veterans Elementary you will choose VES 16/17/21/22. The titles for the different schools are as follows. VES = Veterans Elementary, NES = Norris Elementary, ODE = Olive Drive Elementary and WBE = William Bimatt Elementary. Once you have found your desired printer, select it. A new window will pop up, select install. Once you select Instal a spinning circle will indicate the printer is installing. Congratulations you have just installed your 1st printer to your iPad. To learn more about AirPrinting from your iPad click here

Document created by Adam Muller

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