Printing/AirPrinting from your iPad (Read 2nd!)

When you want to Print a photo, text document or website from your iPad look for the icon with a box and arrow jutting out of it.  

Once you have located the box, select it and a new window will appear. 

Inside the new window go to the bottom and drag the icons left untell you see the option to “Print”. 

Select print and a new window will appear entitled “Printer Options”.

Select “ Select Printer” next to the printer heading. 

A new window with a list of printers will appear (if text appears in the middle stating “ No AirPrint Printers Found” learn how to add printers to your iPad by clicking here.) 

Once you have selected your printer it will return you to your previous screen. Next select  Print on the top right.

Congratulations you have just AirPrinted on your iPad. 

By Adam Muller

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